Friday, June 25, 2010

here's what you missed this week in Ohio...

Sunday: Watched Space Jam; picked up Tyne from the airport! I have my buddy back!
Monday: freakin crazy rain/ thunder storm
Tuesday: pool time; strawberry chocolate chip ice cream at Graeter's (the best); half-price book store
Wednesday: National Air Force Museum; car wash; $3 burgers at the Irish pub; late night pool sneak in, which means, falling on a bush of thorns while climbing over the wall
Thursday: more pool; breakfast on the boardwalk; Louisville Kentucky temple trip
Friday: packing for TX!


Marci said...

looks like you're livin life to the fullest...yay!
when are you coming home? the show is on the 11th of september. if you're going to be home you should make some cards and sell them here!

MelBroek said...

The title of this post makes me sing "Ohio" like "Glee!" :)

Forms of Art said...

hey my blog is kind of the same style!! check it out and tell your friends!:)