Thursday, June 17, 2010

Buhler? Buhler?

I finally convinced my hard-working husband to take a day off.
Yeah. Don't ask me why anyone would need convincing to do such a thing.
So we went to King's Island, a Lagoonish type theme park
except the roller coasters are 10X more intense then Lagoon's!Just got off Diamondback, INTENSE!Charlie Brown at Planet Snoopy!
Chillin' at Boomerang BayThey even have an Eiffel Tower!

After our fun filled day at King's Island, we went home and changed then headed to
the Red's game!Beautiful stadium by the Ohio River!Hostess baseballs of course! (holy crap isn't he the cutest?!)


Brittany said...

fun! are you guys still headed to texas soon?

Gretchen said...

yep! probably the end of next week!

Marci said...

your going to texas?!